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Wang Laboratories 400 Online Computing System

The Wang Labs 400 Online Computing System was essentially a modified Wang 360E calculator electronics package in a rack-mount configuration, with the addition of expanded memory capacity; added features to allow program steps and data to be read from external programming units (which were essentially Read-Only memories, probably implemented with diode matrices) and/or Wang's "toaster" punched card readers; and a specialzed input interface to allow up to ten measurement instruments (such as digital counters, or voltmeters) to be "read" by the calculating unit.
A slightly modified Wang 360K keyboard/display unit provided a means by which the operator could input values into the system and read results of calclations, as well as using the system as a general purpose calculator. The four memory control keys used on a 360K keyboard are re-purposed to provide I/O control, memory access, and control functions. Other than these changes, the keyboard/display unit is identical to a standard Wang 360K keyboard/display unit.